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Birmingham Rubber & Plastics carries a complete and versatile line of liquid mold rubbers, liquid casting plastics/resins/foams and other specialty molding and casting materials. If there is anything you need which we do not carry, ask! 

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Birmingham Rubber & Plastics carries the most complete and versatile line of liquid mold rubbers, liquid casting plastics/resins/foams and other specialty molding and casting materials from Polytek Development Corp. These mold materials include two-part, high-performance RTV polyurethane, silicone as well as one-part latex and other specialty systems. These liquid rubbers and plastics are used in countless applications where the flexibility and ease-of-use of rubber molds are needed to create exact, highly detailed reproductions of any original model in concrete, plaster, resin, foam, wax and more. Individual artists, sculptors, hobbyists, model makers and industrial users rely on Polytek products and technical support to accurately mold and reproduce parts quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively.

Poly 75-75, 75-79, 75-80, 75-81

Polyurethane Rubbers

These two-part, liquid mold rubbers can be poured, brushed or sprayed to make molds that cure at room temperature for casting plaster, wax, concrete, resins (polyurethaneepoxy and polyester) as well as polyurethane foam. They are the most versatile, easy-to-use and cost-effective mold materials available. Hardnesses range from a soft Shore A-20 to a very firm Shore D-45.

Poly 75-75, 75-79, 75-80, 75-81


Poly 75-75, 75-79, 75-80, 75-81

from 72.00

These polyurethane liquid mold rubbers are mid-range (A60) to firm (A90) hardness, high-performance, room temperature curing systems. They offer superior strength, toughness and abrasion-resistance that result in durable molds that capture and reproduce exact textures and the finest detail from any model. Poly 75-Series rubbers offer an optimum blend of economy and performance.

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Poly 75-75           2A:1B                 A75                                 20 min.                  Amber

Poly 75-79           2A:1B                 A80                                 20 min.                  Yellow

Poly 75-80           2A:1B                 A80                                 45 min.                  Yellow


Softener Add Poly 74/75 Part C Softener to 74-Series products for a lower-viscosity mix and a softer rubber.

Accelerator Add Poly 74/75 Part X Accelerator to 74-Series products to accelerate the cure.

Thickeners Use PolyFiber II or Fumed Silica to thicken the liquid mix for application by brush or trowel.

Reinforcement Materials for Blanket Molds Use Tietex® Fabric to reinforce blanket molds.

Product Life Extender Use Poly Purge Aerosol Dry Gas to extend product life by spraying it into containers before resealing.

UV Stabilizer Use UV additive to help reduce the characteristic surface degradation caused by sunlight.